Zipes Speed Pipes

  • €49.00


What it is?

Don't just zoom on track. Zoom through pipes! That's the premise behind the new toy line Zipes Speed Pipes. These are translucent plastic pipes that kids can put together in multiple configurations, including vertically. The Zipes Racers will zoom up, down, and all around the pipe.

The Performance Pack includes one of these Zipes Racers along with a remote control that allows you to change the direction of the vehicle (forward or backward) and a cosmic strobe ball that lights up in red and blue flashing colors when in motion. The Zipes Racer will push the ball around inside the tubes.

There are no instructions for specifically how to build, just some building tips and pictures of different configurations that kids can try. The kit comes with eight curved pipes, three straight pipes, a straight starter pipe, and 12 connectors for building. Once kids are finished building their Zipes racetrack and the Zipes Racer is fully charged, they place the vehicle inside the starter pipe and use the remote to send the vehicle zooming around.

Is it fun?

It's very easy to attach the pipes and twist them and turn them to get the configuration you want, and the assembled pipe track is very sturdy. This is less about racing and more about fast speed and crazy configurations. And if you turn out the lights, the cosmic strobe ball looks really cool zooming through the pipes. The Performance Pack is a good way to get kids started, but if they have fun with just the pieces in this set, they're going to want to add even more pipes and cars (sold separately) to create even bigger and crazier tracks.

Who it’s for?

The Zipes Speed Pipes Performance Pack is for ages 5 and up. It's a fun new way to race for kids who like playing with toy cars.

What to be aware of?

You'll need two AA batteries for the remote control, and batteries are not included.

The set comes with a Zipes Racer, a remote control, a cosmic strobe ball, a USB charging cable, eight curved pipes, three straight pipes, a straight starter pipe, 12 connectors, and instructions.

The charge time for the Zipes Racer is between 30 minutes to one hour. To charge the car, you simply plug it into any USB outlet using the provided USB cable.

If you'd like to send additional Zipes Racers through the pipes, you can sync one car and remote to the A channel and the second car and racer to the B channel.